Material Learning Schedule

Please learn the following cheers/dances using the videos posted on this website.
We will review and clean these items at practice…not teach them. Please be prepared!

Learn by August 15:
-Fans on this Side
-We Say
-Panthers, Louder Now
-We Will Push You Away
-Year Cheer
-Go Fight Win
-One, We are the Panthers
-We Want a Touchdown
-Move that Ball the Other Way
-Variety Cheers (2 and 3 words)
-Touchdown Cheer (Jump)
-Push it to the Limit
-Hey Panthers Yell OHS
-Come on Crowd yell OHS
-Come on Crowd yell Go Big Orange
-We are the Mighty Panthers
-Defense Fire it up
-Panthers, Who’s the best OHS
-School Song Dance
-Sideline Dance
-All “Band Dances”

Learn by November 1:

-Shoot for two
-Rebound that basketball
-We want another one
-Take it to the top of the Key
-Basket Cheer (Kick)
-Sink it