Team Goals

-2 minute plank hold
(on toes, on hands or elbows, straight line from head to feet)

-2 minute wall sit
(parallel legs, arms in either a high or low V)

-15 push ups (on toes, elbows at 90 degrees)

-Right Side Split
-Left Side Split
-Middle Split
-Heel Stretch (either leg)
-30 second Bridge Hold

JUMPS: (Level)
-Double Hook
-Toe Touch
-Right Side Hurdler
-Left Side Hurdler
-Right Front Hurdler
-Left Front Hurdler
-Double Toe Touch

TUMBLING: (All with proper technique)
-1 minute Hollow Body Hold
-10 second Handstand Hold
-Bridge Walk (5 steps)
-30 second Handstand (against wall)
-Forward Roll
-Handstand Forward Roll

-Four Corner Spot
-Load In
-Cradle Hold
-Cradle Pop
-Step Up

-Thigh Stand
-Single Based Thigh Stand
-Shoulder Sit
-Post Up to Prep w/pencil dismount
-Swedish Falls
-Extension Prep w/sponge dismount
-Extension Prep w/cradle dismount
-Step Up to Prep
-Half Up to Prep
-Step Up to Extension w/sponge dismount
-Extension w/cradle dismount
-Show and Go